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Using webpack code splitting in Nextcloud

Webpack can be a great tool when creating Nextcloud apps, bundling all your javascript and 3rdparty libraries together into a single transpiled and minified bundle for the browser to load. However bundling everything together into one file doesn’t always lead to the best user experience, having to load large amounts of (3rdparty) javascript every time the page is loaded even though large portions of the code might not always be needed.

Running Collabora Online with Nextcloud and nginx

Today Nextcloud announced support for online office with Collabora Online using a docker image to host the Collabora Online server. The announcement contains steps of how to setup the docker image and integrate it with Nextcloud for users using apache as a web server, this post will explain how to set everything up with nginx. Office Online

Building ownCloud apps using React.js

This post describes the trough steps needed to create an ownCloud app with a React.js based frontend. As an example we will be rebuilding a simplified version of the logreader app, a single page app with the entire ui (save for some small chrome that comes with oC) made in React. Since this app uses a fairly simple read-only php backend we can focus on the client side part of the app. logreader